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behaviour assessments
The DISC assessment is a practical and reliable tool that helps us understand why we behave the way we do.


This understanding helps us to be the best versions of ourselves, and unlocks the power to be more aware, effective and impactful in life. When we develop the same understanding of others, we build on this value, and the DISC assessment provides the roadmap for us to adapt our behavioural style to influence others through our shared interactions.

To thrive in today’s corporate landscape where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are the new normal, we need to be agile, aware and conscious of how we engage with our world. This is where DISC is especially useful and equips us with the artillery to thrive in today’s workplace. The DISC assessment can also be used to adapt or flex our style to suit our audience, context and goals. As we continue to flex our behavioural muscles, they become stronger and we become more skilled at adapting our approach to a variety of situations. In other words, DISC wisdom paves the way for us to achieve our goals with greater effectiveness and success (and of course enjoyment).

What is a DISC Assessment?

The DISC assessment shows your personality and behavioural preferences or in other words, how we prefer and tend to work, behave and engage with others. The DISC model is based on four inherent superpowers that we all have in us – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance. The DISC assessment measures the level of your four superpowers, thereby giving us the knowledge and know-how to be our best, happiest and most effective selves.

These factors are illustrated in the diagram below.

disc personality types


  • Your need for control and your source of ambition.
  • When you feel self-motivated and driven, you are using your ‘D’ power.



  • Your need for communication and your source of persuasion.
  • When you have a desire to engage and connect with others, you are using your ‘I’ power.



  • Your need for planning and your source of thoughtfulness.
  • When you are being strategic and people focused, you are using your ‘S’ power.



  • Your need for structure and your source of organization.
  • When you are focused on detail and task accuracy, you are using your ‘C’ power.

What is the DISCflex report?

Unlike other DISC assessments on the market, the DISCflex is a supercharged model that offers unique 360 degree assessment. Where a typical DISC assessment provides insight on how we see ourselves (self report), the DISCflex report also uncovers the ‘other’ view allowing you to compare how you see yourself with how others see you.

The other view is essential because the self view alone is limited and can be unreliable. Our view of ourselves is subjective and can become clouded by our level of self awareness, perspective, emotional state, and clarity of mind at the time of completing the assessment. Therefore, the 360 DISCflex view is what you need to truly understand yourself and how others perceive you. You can invite your line manager, colleagues, direct reports, people you have worked with in the past, family and friends to complete the assessment, thereby offering you the 360 view that you need to be a true corporate super hero.


The DISCflex can be used for individuals, teams and entire organisations to support a range of topics, including:

  • Personal development
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Leading teams
  • Strategic thinking
  • Self regulation and stress management
  • Developing relationships
  • Communicating with influence
  • Developing an authentic personal brand
  • Building confidence to present with impact
  • Career development


What the DISCflex is not

The DISCflex is not a personality test. There are no right or wrong answers. Put simply, it is an assessment of how you prefer to engage in your world. It provides a report on your personality and behavioural preferences. DISCflex has the philosophy that our behaviours can be developed with intention, over time.



Call us to have a conversation about how the DISCflex tool can help you achieve your goals.

DISCflex – Leadership Report


Printed and bound hard copy available and eCopy (PDF) delivered via email.


The DISC Leadership Report explains how your DISC profile will influence your preferences and behavior tendencies as a leader within your organisation. The report provides customised guidance on how you can develop across a range of critical leadership contexts to become the leader that you want to be.


There are a range of valuable applications for the DISCflex leadership assessment tool including (but certainly not limited to) individual leadership development, team leadership development, personal development, MBA programs, other leadership development programs.


Download the Sample Report


DISCflex™ Leadership Report Contents:

  • 60 question targeted online DISC Assessment tool
  • Comprehensive and easy to read 40+ Page Report
  • 360 DISC assessment (3rd party perception)
  • Top 3 DISC Sub-Factors
  • Personalized Information Based on self and 3rd party views
  • Six Primary Motivational Elements
  • Stressors associated with each DISC factor


10 Report Topics covered in depth across the following contexts: 

  • Work Environment
  • Goal Setting
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Change
  • Decision Making
  • Team Interactions
  • Facilitation
  • Receiving and Giving Feedback
  • Self-talk
  • Performance Management


Important notes

Please contact us for customised pricing for:

  – Accredited DISCflex users and 

  – Orders of 10 reports and above

Printed reports are only available to Australian customers.
We supply our NZ customers with e-reports.

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