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With the complexity of our world and workplaces increasing, the capacity to manage challenge, adversity and set backs is necessary and required for sustained happiness, health and success.

Resilience is the capacity to bounce back from challenge. It is needed by employees to cope with set backs, daily stress as well as to adapt to organisational change.


Is resilience magical?
No its not magical. Resilience is a resource possessed by all people to some degree and can be developed with intention and attention. Resilience training and coaching will support your staff to develop their capability to tap into the this resource and equip them with the skill, tools and techniques required to adapt well to challenge and bounce back effectively.


Why is resilience famous?
Resilience is backed by hard data to enable adaptive responses when dealing with adversity and change. It is linked to a range of positive organisational outcomes including lowered stress, absenteeism, and presenteeism, in addition to improved wellness, job satisfaction, engagement and performance. Resilience is a resource that can be leveraged on demand and distinguishes survivors or adaptors from the rest.


Do resilient people bounce back the same?
Adverse experiences offer healing, adaption, learning and growth. Resilient people bounce back from adversity and do so in a different shape.


How can DISCflex help you develop resilience?
The DISCflex assessment offers organisations and individuals the opportunity to measure personality and behavioural preferences in a particular moment in time. It reports on our behavioural patterns according to the DISC factors – or what we like to call Super Powers – Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance. Apply the DISCflex wisdom to understand how and why you tend to approach change, ambiguity, stress, and complexity the way that you do. Leverage your strengths and develop additional tools for your resilience toolbox.

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